Oh hi there!

Laura + Katherine here, the faces behind Melon & Goliath. We just wanted to take a moment to introduce ourselves and our little brand.

We’re longtime friends, and lifetime sisters from sunny Queensland with a combined background in fine arts and graphic design.

Melon & Goliath was started, after the two of us were missing working in the creative industry. We realised that our current roles working in primary teaching and retail had given us the very special position of spending a lot of time around lots of different kids and getting to know what makes them tick. We know that some boys like dinosaurs and the colour blue and some like pink and rainbows. We know that some girls like unicorns and dresses and others love cars and ballerinas. But most importantly we know that kids just love colour and want to have fun.

We wanted to create a brand that gave kids that cool piece of clothing or bedding that they still think about in their 30’s because it made them feel special and smile.

So in 2016, Melon & Goliath was born.


The Melon & Goliath Family

When you buy from Melon & Goliath, not only are you supporting small business, we like to think you are becoming part of the Melon & Goliath family.

Our business is a real family affair and we want you to feel that same warmth and love that comes with being apart of a family every time you shop with us or just drop by to say hi. When you order from us, each parcel is hand wrapped with a handwritten note from us- or even our Mum if we’re away!

All our products, including our fabrics, are designed by us right here in Australia and made ethically overseas. Like our customers, our manufacturers and production managers have become part of the Melon & Goliath family.

When starting Melon & Goliath it was incredibly important to us to not only design bright, unique and unisex prints, but to create pieces in small quantities and to a high quality. Our products are designed to last and for you to be able to hand them down or pass them on to share the Melon & Goliath love.

So welcome to the Melon & Goliath family! We look forward to you coming along on this journey with us

X Laura & Katherine